What Clients Say About Working with Me

  • “Geri is a lovely, kind, intelligent person with a heart of gold. I was nervous about truly opening up to anyone, I'm very private. I was unhappy about a recent weight gain also didn't want to do anything about it. Geri helped me work through my thoughts and feelings about weight loss. I made the decision to commit to weight loss, and have lost weight.”

    — K. Madison, WI
  • “I love working with Geri. She is so approachable and such a good listener. She is straightforward, but also so kind, and very accessible in between coaching sessions if I wanted to talk through something. I always knew who I was inside, but I let myself be controlled for so long that I thought it was normal. Geri helped me to understand how my belief system developed out of my early childhood and how that thinking showed up in my life today. I’ve now been able to make changes in my life and feel lighter am definitely more productive”

    — Raquel London, UK
  • “I highly recommend Geri as a life coach. She is easy to build a rapport with, insightful, perceptive, patient and kind. I was struggling with putting my self first, especially with self-care. In our sessions I realized that I really did take care of myself, but what I wanted was to change my commitment to diet and exercise. Geri helped me look at my issues with new and different eyes. She helped me realize that my thinking was my problem! Changing the way I looked at things changed my attitude. I’m on a food plan and now exercising.”

    — K.C. Appleton, WI
  • “I set up a mini-session in April 2017 to talk about overeating.  Geri was able to get to the root of what was happening to me using a specific example from the day before, and gave me tools I could use to immediately see my thoughts.  I left our call feeling much better.  She truly got where I needed help.”

    — Kristin C. USA
  • “My life is better because of you, Geri. I am absolutely a different person. I am manifesting work, friends, money, a peaceful heart and spirit. Working with you is safe; you accept people absolutely just as they are.  You helped me out of my comfort zone, yet also honor where I'm at and gently continue to push just enough so that I'm taking action. I would recommend you to people (friends, family, co-workers, strangers) who have had enough of living their lives from a place of smallness, a place of suffering, who want to rewrite their stories and live fully in the present.  Geri...you are a diamond...not a diamond in the rough...a polished, precision cut diamond of the utmost quality! What you see, is what you get! A woman who has been where we (the collective we) have; who has suffered, who's done the hard work, continues to do the hard work.”

    — Sandy K. Bellevue, WA
  • “I came to Geri because I wanted to break through and lose the rest of my weight after having lost 100 pounds and needing to lose another 100.  Geri completely met me where I was and over three months we uncovered that I was stuck in my career and love life.  I had a huge fear of moving forward and dating without having lost my weight.  Geri supported while I began online dating while losing weight. She also giving me great career coaching.”  The result was me pushing past my stall and the start up of losing weight again, exploring new ideas on career paths and finding a great guy.  And guess what? The more I create the life I want by doing deep thought work, the less I turn to food.  Even though our coaching series is complete she always checks in on me.  I see her now as a lifelong friend and will work with her again.”

    — Anonymous
  • “Geri was so easy to talk to on the phone and in just a few sessions got me to see a lot about myself. We talked about the body image issue I knew I had but then, out of nowhere, came this other body image issue I was unaware of. I then realized why these two issues were conflicting, fighting each other. My mind was blown! I’m still learning and benefitting from our sessions.”

    — Dave Soto Jr. Arizona
  • “Geri’s a great coach for anyone who is stuck like I was. I liked the fact that Geri could relate to the issues I have regarding weight and body image. She was really good at recognizing my hang ups. She’s got great insight and is very supportive and encouraging. I’ve become more mindful about my eating. I lost weight, yes, but even better was getting past the emotional baggage.”

    — B. Madison, WI
  • “Geri has the unique ability to genuinely listen to what I say, and then hold up a mirror so that I can hear what I actually said and decide if that is what I really wanted to project to the world. She helps me break life down into small pieces, and reminds me that I don't have to tackle all the pieces in one day. She suggests a plan and then follows up with me. The highlight of my week is my coaching call with Geri!”

    — Alice Boston, MA
  • “I was going through a hard time and feeling like a victim. Geri showed me I could choose to change my thinking and feeling about the situation I was in, and develop a clearer picture of the action steps to take. I've taken those steps, and feel in charge and stronger. I have a plan. Geri listens. She's nice to talk to.”

    — S.C. Florida
  • “I started working with Geri to figure out why I was stuck and not making the progress I had planned in my weight and health. She helped me understand how much I was already doing correctly and to stop putting myself under so much pressure. I've adopted her 'the check is in the mail' approach and it's helped me make very good progress. I see the value of working with a coach to help clients see across the horizon to a brighter future.”

    — Nicole Madison, WI
  • “I was caught up in a busy life and thinking a lot about keeping up appearances. Geri helped me see the bigger picture in my life. Now, I relax with my kids rather than always thinking about what tasks need to be done. She is confident, smart, professional and funny. But she’s real –and an easy coach to relate to.”

    — S. T. Kalamazoo, MI
  • “Geri is the real deal!  I decided to book in for a mini-session and am so glad that I did.  Geri is a great listener and talented master coach.  She knew exactly how to get me out of the rut I was in and helped me to articulate and focus on the life I really want to be living.  Within 30 minutes I feel like I'm back on track with some very practical action steps to move forward.  I'll definitely be coaching more with Geri and if you want to start living your dream life I suggest you book in for a mini-session today.”

    — Tina New Zealand
  • “I have struggled with my weight and self-image for over 10 years now. I knew I didn't want another diet plan. I needed to find a way to connect with my food and with myself that would last me a life time. I knew I had to make a life change, I just didn't know how. Geri's program This Is It! was just the thing. In just a couple of days I realized that so much of my hunger is mind-made. For the first time in over a decade I am taking control of my life, my happiness, and my body. Geri is an amazingly compassionate and gentle coach. I highly recommend her guidance and coaching to help you find your happiness.”

    — K.K. Madison, WI
  • “Even though I signed up I still thought that the program woudn't work for me and I would be throwing money away, but I have had great results. The program was worth every penny. I've lost 12 pounds since starting this program with Geri. I admit I was skeptical at first more from the years of trying all kinds of diets. When Geri told me I didn't have to have a food plan I thought she must be nuts. I decided to go all in and just see what happened. I journaled more than I have in my life. I listened when Geri was coaching everyone and asked question when I wasn't sure. Geri has changed my perspective on dieting for sure. I am more aware of what I'm thinking and telling myself while I'm doing things. With the awareness i was dumbfounded by habits I had created and by how little food I really needed to be ok. I just don't feel like I can say enough about this experience. The pounds just started falling off. It was amazing. I feel confident. I feel like I can continue this journey and then who knows what I can accomplish. Geri totally gets it. She gave a different perspective that I haven't heard. Anyone thinking about this program should do it. I would do it again without hesitation.”

    — Susan Chicago, IL
  • “Geri brings an effervescent energy and positivity that is infectious. With her, there is no problem that doesn't have a solution and her calming approach put me at ease. I would highly recommend her as a life coach, and friend.”

    — L.S. Oklahoma
  • “Geri helped me look at a lot of my life through a new lens – I have been seeing everything from friendships to my career with a different perspective. Since we’ve been coaching I stepped up at work, and that made me feeling empowered. I’m feeling good about my current situation and feeling more free to let things go. She’s been the encouragement I need for what I already know and have been trying to practice.”

    — Lauren Cortlandt Manor, NY
  • “Geri is a lovely, kind, intelligent person with a heart of gold.  I was nervous about being vulnerable and opening up about areas of concern because I am such a private person. I'm just generally nervous about TRULY opening up to anyone. But I was stuck, had gained weight and could not see my way to losing it.  Geri helped me reframe the issue is just one mini-session. I realized I needed to decide to lose weight and not just talk about how I wanted to. I've committed to a food plan and lost 25lbs.  As we had talked about, I "decided".”

    — Christine R. Madison, WI