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Skea’s sequel – “A House Divided” is even better than “Turn of the Tide”

I’ll tell the truth, shall I?  I have been a bit annoyed with some of the historical fiction I’ve read recently.  It is my fault for choosing too many books with the storyline [...]

Mary Queen of Scots executed Chastelard 450 years ago today. Why?

Pierre de Bocosel de Chastelard (1529-1563) was famous for nothing until he surprised Mary, Queen of Scots in her bedchamber (twice) and she had him hanged.  It is a fascinating story to tell on [...]

Production gets in the way of acting in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina

I’ve read Tolstoy‘s Anna Karenina twice, first when I was 12—precocious, no? And again a few years ago. I’m not sure it is my favorite story —tragic ending and so forth. But [...]

Was My Field Research on the Queen and the Four Marys Just a Boondoggle?

I’m back home, after an excruciatingly long flight from Scotland that involved at least eight hours of flight delays.  I was sorry we picked the day I returned to bring home our new puppy, [...]

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